AC Repair

If your air conditioning unit isn’t shooting out enough cold air, then it’s time that you called in Larson Air Solutions for an AC repair. We’re the Sacramento County air conditioning repair experts. Regardless what type you have, ductless air conditioner or a window AC unit, chances are that our repairman can fix it that same day. Our mission is to keep you happy, and we’ll do it any way we can. 


AC Tune Up

Our air conditioning tune-up service will keep your AC running smoothly for years to come! After winter, your air conditioning needs some attention to get it prepared for the summer season. If the warm weather starts early, it’s going to be an intense season.  By hiring our heating and AC company, you will be able to escape the stress of not having a well-working cooling unit during the hot summers of California. 


Heating Repair/Tune Up

It shouldn’t be a surprise that you’re going to be in need of heating repair service from time to time. Regardless how top-quality your heating unit is, you’re going to need repairs to keep it functioning. The high level with which those repairs are performed is what’s going to make all the difference. Professional repairs give you a safe and effective system. On the other hand, poor heating repair work can increase your utility costs, so call us today for a diagnosis.



 Getting an air conditioning installation isn’t quite like picking a new television or piece of furniture. When making your decision, you must contemplate factors that influence efficiency, comfort, and performance. That’s why it’s a great idea to ask professionals who have years of expertise in selecting the right A/C installation business for Folsom property owners like you


System Evaluations

 Don’t wait to have your business or home examined for preventative maintenance. Your HVAC system is crucial to keeping you, your customers, and your family comfortable. During adverse weather, a functioning system is necessary. You don’t want to have a disaster happen while a cold front is going on! It’s important to get a system evaluation for preventative maintenance at least every 12 months.